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Managed Print Solutions For Education Facilities

Make Education Smarter with Smart Print Solutions

Each year brings more and more technology to the classroom. While technology can solve some of the educator’s problems—like improving teacher productivity and student engagement—it also creates new management, maintenance, and repair issues. We understand these challenges and the environment of budget constraints and cost control in which you must solve them. That’s why Dove customizes a print solution to make your education technology smarter—whether you serve in K12, on a college or university campus, or at a school district office.

Print Solutions for Education

Dove Print Solutions helps you meet the demands of the always-on education field by:

Securing your data.

Teachers and administrators can quickly, easily, and securely print from anywhere with our mobile and secure printing solutions.

Controlling print costs per student.

Empower students to print with their student IDs and tie print output directly to student accounts—controlling print costs and reducing waste.

Converting to digital.

Save time and money by converting laborious manual processes into efficient digital ones with our document management solution.

Streamlining your processes.

We’ll explore weaknesses in your print processes and customize a solution to reduce costs and increase productivity through our Managed Print Services (MPS).

Reducing total device costs.

Eliminate downtime and keep your entire staff more productive with just-in-time supply replenishment, advanced reporting features, and automated preventative maintenance alerts that go straight to our desk—not yours.

Decreasing your help desk calls.

Protect your internal IT resources while reducing downtime and delays when you reroute all of your office equipment support calls to our Tier 1 Help Desk.

What is your challenge?

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