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B2B Print Store & Online Ordering System

B2B Store

An Online Ordering Platform Customized for Your Business

There are roughly 10,000 different types of toner cartridges—9,999 of which do not fit your printer. If you have ever wished for an online vendor smart enough to remember which print and office supplies you need and ship them to you when you need them, My B2B Store was created just for you.

Dove Print Solutions helps businesses expedite their ordering and approval processes with a customized microsite. Log in to your custom site and find all the supplies and hardware you use—and nothing you don’t. Your B2B store minimizes confusion and clarifies pricing, all while integrating your company’s existing approval system. Hold orders overnight or set custom approval requirements based on different dollar amounts or hierarchies. Our multi-tier approval process helps you eliminate unapproved items to keep your business operating at maximum efficiency.

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