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Managed Data Services

Data Services Management

With the increase of work from home and hybrid workforces, it’s become essential to have a network solution that can be as mobile as your team is. But in this type of environment, how do you ensure the security of your sensitive documents? DoveIT’s Managed Data Services provides remote IT support that includes 24/7 monitoring. So when your team is shutting down their computers, wherever and whenever that may be, Dove will still be there to make sure you’re protected.

What is Managed Data Services?

Managed Data Services is the day-to-day management of your organization’s data. When you partner with Dove, your company’s essential information is secure, but accessible.

Managed Data Services comes standard with our Managed IT Services platform, but is also available as an a la carte option with Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery options available.

Managed Data Services Features Include:

  • Restoration from multiple points in time
  • Concurrent Backups
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • 256-bit AES Encryption End to End
  • Compression and Military-grade Encryption
  • Backup Health Monitor
  • GDPR Compliance

Why Should I Outsource my Managed Data Services?

Until recently, it has been almost standard to handle data management in-house. So why the shift? With the hyper focus on ensuring your vital records, such as customer information, stay secure and protected, many organizations are choosing to work with other services.

Additionally, the level of data management an organization should take to ensure uninterrupted workflow, is often overlooked. If disaster were to strike, and you lost access to your on-site server, would your company be able to perform business as usual? It’s not just data that needs to be backed up. It’s ensuring you have access to your work critical applications, and a system that allows your employees to access it remotely should they need to.

DoveIT can help transform your current data management environment to an updated, supportive, and cost-effective solution.

How Can Managed Data Services Help My Business?

The DoveIT team of experts know how to help organizations with database optimization. We can ensure that your essential data is securely backed up, fully recoverable and accessible.

Looking to grow in the next few years? The DoveIT team can also help show you how to leverage your data, and provide scalable solutions to meet your expanding business needs.

Can Managed Data Services Keep Me Secure?

Stories of compromised customer data have been prevalent the last few years. These incidents don’t just damage the integrity of the organization’s server, it damages the reputation of the business. If you keep customer data, financial information, or other sensitive documents that need to be protected on your database, DoveIT is a great security solution.

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