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Hardware Depot and Repair

Support Your IT Staff and Your Technology

If you are like most businesses, you keep your IT staff busy—a little too busy—supporting a dozen different models of printers, setting up new machines, and repairing broken devices. These hardware demands repeatedly tax one of your most critical business assets: your IT team.

Dove Print Solutions reduces the demands on your IT team through strategic standardization and full service. We work with you to deploy the right device to all of your business sites, and then we support that device with personalized service and supplies at a moment’s notice.

Dove will store, setup, and ship your printers completely ready to use—with IP address, subnet mask, and any other settings and configurations your business requires. Dove handles the inventory and repairs so you don’t have to, protecting your IT team and your technology at the same time.

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Dove Print Solutions has been solving printing problems for businesses across the country for more than 25 years.

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